Club Runner by Paradigm Sports

Club RunnerYou'll find the Club Runner Caddie is priced hundreds less than others —
and the Club Runner includes both the Battery and Charger

  • Built-in cruise control compensates for hills automatically
  • Got a big bag? Set the Upper Bag Rest higher. Small bags rest safely on the lower position.
  • Start and stop smoothly with a touch of your finger on the Power Switch.
  • Match your walking pace with the variable Speed Control. One hand sets the speed from 0 to 10.
  • Club Runner carries a 2-year Warranty and is backed by a nationwide network of more than 300 service centers.
  • Club Runner weighs 22 lbs. Battery weighs 24 lbs. Put it together and you've got a lightweight motorcaddie.
  • Sturdy Velcro Straps easily adjust to hold your bag, regards of its size and shape.
  • Goes from trunk to tee in 60 seconds. So you've got a lightweight, self-propelled caddie ready to play the game when you are ready.
  • Sealed lubrication, 12-volt, 180 watt motor easily powers for 18 holes over the longest, hilliest course.
  • Sealed, 31-amp Gel-Cell Battery powers round after round and recharges in less than 10 hours. Climb those steep hills with ease. Because the rubber-like Tires give you non-slip traction, even on rain-slick grass.
  • Thanks to its low center of gravity, Club Runner goes where pull cars tip over automatically, where other golf carts fear to tread.
  • Adjust the Lower Bag Rest with fingertip ease. Its Velcro straps hold your bag securely.
  • Connect, adjust and retach the Front Wheel Assembly with fingertip ease. Just pull the shaft away from or into the chassis, and then lock it into place.
  • Modern, engineered composite Wheel Hubs mean they are lightweight and rust is a non-issue.

A great price at $649.00 plus shipping and handling*
Also available:
Club Runner with remote control (straight ahead, stop, start)
$795.00 plus shipping and handling*

All it takes to go from trunk to tee is 60 seconds...

Club RunnerClub RunnerClub RunnerClub RunnerClub Runner

  • :00 to :15 - Just lidt the base from your car trunk. Then pull out the retractable front wheel and lock it.
  • :16 to :30 - Slide the handle into the base socket and plug the control cable into the base.
  • :31 to :45 - Set the gel-cell bettery in place and snap the power connector together.
  • :46 to :60 - Lay your golf bag on the brackets. Cinch the Velcro© ties around and head for the first tee.
  • 1.0 to 18 holes later Just enjoy the game. ®

Club Runner

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